Review: Old Pulteney Flotilla 2005

oldpulteneyflotilla2005lrgOld Pulteney Flotilla 2005 – 46%abv

Info: The release is limited to 12,000 bottles that have been matured in American oak ex-Bourbon barrels. It follows the launch of Flotilla 2000 and Flotilla 2004.
Colour: Light straw gold.
Nose: Light, slight ozone hints; the coastal nature maybe. A creamy bourbon background with a hint of nuts. After some time the nuts disappear leaving a sweet caramel tone.
Palate: Lighter and much sweeter than expected (in a good way), medium oils with ground spices that grow after a while. Gentle fruits with almost a white wine quality. Salted caramels.
Finish: Medium length finish; slightly fizzy with some spices and a tropical sweet edge.
Thoughts: Very enjoyable, light and fun!
Available: Exclusive to France, RRP of €54.00.

Thanks to my friend Franck for the sample.

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