Review: RMW 40yo Three Cask Blended Malt

RMW40yoBottleRoyal Mile Whiskies 40 Year Old, Three Cask Blended Malt Whisky – 47.1% abv

Info: A blend of three sherry cask single malts (Glenrothes, Macallan & Tamdhu) bottled at natural strength and colour without filtration. 337 bottles.
Colour: Rich autumnal leaves, plenty of rusty tints.
Nose: Deep, rich and nutty; plenty of malt and aged sherry fruits. Nice and layered with good complexity. Gentle oak notes with a damp dunnage background.
Palate: Gently spiced, but easy and thick on the palate hold it on your tongue for a long while and enjoy. There’s plenty of caramelized brown sugar along with mashed up winter fruits and a very small dollop of cream on top. Old antique malt.
Finish: After a few seconds you get a lovely warm and gentle hug of rich christmas fruity goodness on your chest while the slightly leathery old fruits stay on your palate.
Thoughts: Gentle, old, and incredibly tasty. It’s overly drinkable, in a good way; it might hurt your wallet! In this time of high demand and very expensive whiskies, the days of 40 year old malts for under £200 are basically gone… I nearly didn’t review this bottle as I want to keep it all for myself… but if you can afford a bottle and you like balanced, sherried old malts then bag a bottle now while it’s still around.
Available: Royal Mile Whiskies – £199.95

From my own stock (part of a bottle share, although I’ve since also bought a bottle).

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