Review: SIA Blended Scotch Whisky


SIA Blended Scotch Whisky – 43% ABV

Info: Crowdfunded blend/brand SIA was ‘conceptualised’ by Carin Luna-Ostaseski and put together by Douglas Laing & Co., Ltd. especially for the US market. It contains 40% Malt and 60% Grain. The regional breakdown is 50% Speyside, 40% Highlands and 10% Islay.

Colour: Honest pale gold, fully ripened straw.

Nose: Fairly upfront and spicy on the nose, there’s a depth of clotted cream fudge and toffee with puffs of smoke via the smallest hint of peat. After a while a grassy / hay note comes through.

Palate: It’s fairly thick with sweet barley oils which cover your palate well with buttery, fudgey creaminess. It’s balanced with sweetness and fruits, hints of autumn berries with a small touch of citrus in the background.

Finish: Long and gently warming finish which covers your chest with gently spiced sweetness and a surprisingly good amount of barleyness. Gently sweet with no sour wood tannins.

Thoughts: If you’re used to other Douglas Laing blends then you’ll be very comfortable with this, it’s definitely from the same family. It’s a very fine and accessible blend that most people would easily enjoy.

Thanks to SIA for the sample.


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