Review: SWIG and their Amazing Hip Flasks


“9 months ago, David Galbraith sold everything he owned and moved across the country to pursue his vision of making the world’s best hip flask brand. SWIG® is a seamless stainless-steel Hip Flask which can be supplied with a wide range of personalised genuine leather pouches. The flasks arrive gift boxed, ribbon tied and engraved with a unique serial number that permits lifetime membership to the ‘SWIG Society’ (the global membership club for flask owners – members include the Prime Minister!).”

So, what you can get from the above blurb is that SWIG’s hip flasks are kind of posh, they’re better than your bog standard. Taking a look at their website, you’ll quickly find that they’re around the £60 mark (some more, some less). That is certainly more than many a standard hip flask, but these are premium products, and if you’re in the market for a new flask and have the spare money to get the best then they’re worth checking out.

SWIGUKCaseThings I like? I like the pouches you get, like skins on a mobile phone you can change them up and add more personality. I (personally) like that the lid doesn’t attach with a flappy arm thing that most of the others on the market do. I really don’t like them, they tend to flap in your face while you’re drinking, it’s a plus (in my mind) that SWIG flasks don’t have them!

Things I’d like improved? Although I love the lids, I would love to see an updated design with a little bit of knurling on them to make it easier to grip. If the lid is tight on then your fingers can slip a little, but it’s not a massive problem.

SWIGFunnelYou can get spare lids on the site if you lose yours, as well as a spout to help with filling the flask, and many other pouches to give it a new look.

The flasks were designed in 2013 while the creator was looking for a good one and decided to make his own. He’s so confident in their quality that they come with a lifetime guarantee, and are individually numbered so that you can join their club for extra stuff (one of which I note is a free replacement lid if you lose yours).

They can be engraved if you wish, and also can come as a gift set pack too if you’re looking to give one as a prezzy for some lucky person.

I went for the Harris Tweed one… and I bloody love it. Thanks guys!


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