Review: Talisker Skye

TaliskerSkyeBottleTalisker Skye – 45.8% abv

Info: NAS. Toasted and refill American oak casks accentuate the sweet, citrus notes of Talisker. More notes on SWB here.
Colour: Orange golden.
Nose: Sweet, malty, some younger spirit. Toffee and caramel notes. Puffs of smoke from the peat.
Palate: A fair pinch of Talisker spices and pepper but with sweet malty caramel tones and puffs of gentle smoke. Quite thick feel.
Finish: Fairly long caramelly smoke with barley malt lasting out.
Water: Brings out a slight chocolate note on the nose. Reduced the spices on the palate, but also reduces the smoky peat.
Thoughts: Quite a change up from what Talisker fans might be used to, it’s a different flavour profile… a bit lighter on the spice and the smoke, but they’re there. The sweeter flavour profile might well appeal to a younger or newer audience coming in to single malts (especially smokey ones). It’s quite interesting to find it much more malty than I expected.
Extra: I’d say this is along the lines of Laphroaig Select and Glenlivet Founder Reserve in terms of it’s market positioning and appeal. Good on Talisker for sticking with the higher abv. There’s been three other NAS releases from Talisker lately; Storm, Dark Storm and Port Ruighe. Skye is definitely the lighter of the three. I’d personally pick Strom above it (it’s got that more Islay coastal nature to it), and I’m also rather partial to Port Ruighe.
Available: Master of Malt – £38.95

Thanks to Talisker for the sample.


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