Review: The Famous Grouse Mellow Gold (vs standard)

FG_Mellow_HRThe Famous Grouse Mellow Gold – 40% abv

Info: The recipe has a higher proportion of sherry casks than standard Grouse to deliver a subtly sweeter, mellow flavour. More info here.
Colour: Autumn gold, a fair bit darker than the standard Famous Grouse blend.
Nose: Fairly sweet with quite a lot of sherry nuttiness about it. Vanilla along with red and green apples and a slight fudgeyness.
Palate: Actually a fairly thick mouthfeel leading to gently building spices, the red and green apples are there but held back somewhat.
Finish: Longer than expected leaving sweet notes lingering with younger oak winning out.
Thoughts: They’ve made it sweeter and mellower than standard Grouse, and it is indeed that. It’s easy drinking and perfectly fine on it’s own, but would also mix well I suspect.
Available: In shops from October, around £22… An upgraded Christmas pressy for a Grouse loving family member?

vs. The Famous Grouse Blended Scotch Whisky – 40% abv

Info: What’s there to say… most people will know this blend, or have at least seen it around.
Colour: On the lighter side of gold.
Nose: Semi sweet with a sour edge to it along with salt and pepper. Malt, grain and candyfloss.
Palate: Slightly sweeter than the nose, very easy going, tiny pinch of spice and a hint of smoke.
Finish: Short to medium with smoky hints and newer oak winning out with a tannin sour end.
Thoughts: It’s ok! I openly admit to not minding this blend, so much so that if I’m doing a set of tasting notes I’ll often warm my palate up with a slug of this to kick things off, cheap and cheerful.
Available: Everywhere, usually found on offer if you look around. Around £15.

Overall Thoughts: The Mellow Gold has noticeably more sherry influence which ain’t no bad thing; it helps bridge the gap to a more expensive tasting blend. For around £5 extra it’s probably worth it over standard Grouse if you see it. Note the updated branding.
Extra: SWB review of The Naked Grouse, which I’d probably pick over both of the above.

Thanks to Famous Grouse for the samples.

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