Review: ‘The One’ – British Blended Whisky

TheOneBottleFollowing on from my recent review of the new Black Bottle, today I’m reviewing “The One”, a British Blended Whisky from The Lakes Distillery, a new distillery about to take shape in Cumbria.

Official blurb reads as such: The One is a unique blend of exceptional whiskies from the British Isles, each has its own distinctive characteristics, resulting in a whisky of intriguing complexity.

There are now distilleries producing whisky across the British Isles, and this has led us to create an entirely new concept in blended whiskies – a British Isles Blend.
To create ‘The One’, we have searched far and wide to bring together a range of very special whiskies from the British Isles. These have been blended with great care and passion to create a perfectly balanced whisky.

Official Tasting Notes:

Slightly smoky, sweet and fruity, nutty, with hints of spice.

Now on to my review…

The One – British Blended Whisky / The Lakes Distillery – 40%

Colour: An honest looking light gold.

Nose: Malty, cream and vanilla toffee, hints of smoke and hints of north eastern costal promise. Fairly complex, goes one way and then another. Some autumn spiced apples.

Palate: The palate isn’t too far away from the nose, it’s fairly thick, just like the cream and toffee notes lead you to hope. It’s nicely sweet and well balanced, it’s great to hold on your tongue for a while and to enjoy rolling around. Rather like a Werther’s Original caramel sweet.

Finish: Warming and oily, thickly creamy with vanilla notes and smoky hints lasting out, fruits and wood lasting even longer still.

Thoughts: A really quality blend this, crafted with obvious love. If the output of the yet-to-be-built distillery is crafted with the love this that has then I rather think we have exciting times ahead for another English born whisky (producers of which are still countable on one hand). It’s a slight shame that this is assumedly chill-filtered, it would really be quite something if it weren’t and was presented at 46% ABV. Maybe for another release in the future? 87.


Available from The Lakes Distillery online shop for £29.95.
Thanks to The Lakes Distillery for the sample.

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