Review: The Singleton of Dufftown Malt Master’s Selection

Singleton Of Dufftown Malt Masters SelectionThe Singleton of Dufftown Malt Master’s Selection – 40% abv

Info: The Singleton of Dufftown Malt Master’s Selection is matured in a combination of refill, Sherry and Bourbon casks, with a greater proportion of refill to allow ‘the sweet yet refined distillery character to shine through’. This has no age statement and is chillfiltered.
Colour: Yellow golden sun, hints of rust.
Nose: Malty and sweet. There’s handfuls of malt intertwined with some caramel, a little toffee, and the peel of red apples. In the background there’s spring meadow grassiness.
Palate: The palate is nice and caramel sweet up front, and that stays around predominately with just enough wood spices to give it a slight zing on your tongue. It’s fairly oily.
Finish: The finish is a really gentle transition from tongue to warming chest hug. It’s full of buttery goodness with a dollop of sweet melted fudge and a hint of wood spice at the end.
Thoughts: Although I’ve called this sweet quite a lot, and it is, it is also well balanced and enjoyable. The sweetness doesn’t dominate, although it makes it more of what I’d call a pudding dram… and pudding is my favourite course of a meal! Would make a good mixer.
Available: RRP £30. Currently on Amazon and Tesco for £26.

Thanks to TheWhiskyWire and Diageo for the sample.

The Singleton Malt Masters Selection Sample

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