Review: Three new Wemyss Batch Strength Editions

wemyss malts logoThree new Wemyss Batch Strength Editions

Wemyss’ core range of blended whiskies covering various regional styles include ‘The Hive’, ‘Spice King’ and ‘Peat Chimney’. They’ve been around for a while, but Wemyss have now released some limited special edition Batch Strength versions

Let’s take a look at them…

wemyss the hive batch strengthInfo: The Hive Batch Strength No 001. 54.5% abv.
Colour: Full summer evening gold.
Nose: The name might suggest honey, and the nose certainly does. It’s quite strong, which it would be at this strength. Quite a dry nose, woody hints.
Palate: It’s oily and full, the higher abv giving your tongue some spices along with toffee, honey and malt.
Finish: The oily finish is warming on your chest, and the full strength nature of it means it stays around for a fairly long while, leaving sweet grassy malt around.
Water: Takes a drop of water really well, it brings out sweet toffee and caramel notes, and reduces the spices.
Thoughts: If you like a good strong Speyside blended malt, then this might well be for you, great value.
Available: The Whisky Exchange – £44.95

wemyss spice king batch strengthInfo: Spice King Batch Strength No 001. 56.0% abv.
Colour: Full sunny golden.
Nose: Not a million miles away from the dram above, but more minerally, and more spicy! Fudgey malt.
Palate: At first quite buttery and warm with oils and gentle spices building fairly quickly. Minerally malt mixed with soft autumnal fruits and spiced apples.
Finish: The spices seem to get stronger on the finish, warming on your stomach and hot in your mouth.
Water: A slug of water brings out more minerals, but also increases the fudgeyness, worth it I think.
Thoughts: If a spicy highland style blend is your bag, then this value batch strength is for you.
Available: The Whisky Exchange – £44.95

wemyss peat chimney batch strengthInfo: Peat Chimney Batch Strength No 001. 57.0% abv.
Colour: Ripe straw, light golden.
Nose: Malt intermingled with light peat whiffs. Is the nose a little closed because of the high strength? After a bit of time more embers come through along with fudge and caramel tones.
Palate: Oily and full, spicy with the high abv. Sweet malt notes along with mossy peat embers.
Finish: As with many peated malts this has a long finish. There’s malts, smoke and oak all playing their parts.
Water: Some water brings out younger oak notes here, on the palate it becomes a little sweeter and less spicy.
Thoughts: It’s a light highland type peat smoke, don’t expect this to be like an Islay malt. That said, it’s nicely balanced, sweet, smoky, hints of coal… and it’s very drinkable. Nice work.
Available: The Whisky Exchange – £44.95

Overall Thoughts: These three drams are very well priced, especially considering their strength. They’re obviously not that aged (they’re all no age statement), but they’re very enjoyable to drink and get merry with.

Thanks to Wemyss for the samples.

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wemyss batch strength samples

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