Review: Three Year Old Deluxe by Compass Box

Three Year Old Deluxe by Compass BoxThree Year Old Deluxe by Compass Box – 49.2% abv

Info: Is the Three Year Old Deluxe by Compass Box slightly tongue in cheek? Oh yes I think so! Good for them. 0.4% total liquid volume in this blend is 3 years old, the entire rest of the bottle is lots older, but because of EU regulations they can’t say how old. Unless you ask them directly, which you should (drop them an email and they’ll tell you the recipe!).
Colour: Bright, clear and golden.
Nose: Quite a lot of this whisky is from Clynelish distillery, and you can tell, it’s quite a familiar nose (if you know your Clynelish), it’s definitely got that north highland coastal, heathery tang to it. Behind it is malt, oak, and small, gentle peaty hints with spices.
Palate: It’s an older feeling whisky, waxy, thick and spicy with tannin and oak. There’s a peaty grip at the back giving a heather honey backdrop.
Finish: Somewhat grassy and malty, with waxy heather honey continuing for a good long time with smoky puffs lasting out nicely along with a slight tingly hit from the spices.
Thoughts: The spices and waxiness keep you guessing at this blends age, which is very obviously much older than three years. Spicy, velvety, highlandy and very good.
Extra: If you want to know more about Compass Box’s Transparency campaign for whisky age statements, then have a read of their website here, it’s good stuff!
Available: The Whisky Exchange – £185

Thanks to Compass Box for the sample.

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