Review: Tomatin 18 Year Old

tomob_18yoTomatin 18yo – 46% ABV, OB

Further to my wee series of reviews based of distillery core ranges that I’ve purchased myself we take a look at one of my faves, Tomatin 18 Year Old…

“Aged for a minimum of 18 years and married for a period in Spanish Oloroso sherry casks. This non chill filtered whisky is packed full of flavour and has a velvety smooth mouth feel.”

For info Tomatin is a Highland whisky, the distillery being located just below Inverness. It’s also one of my faves, I’ve got various bottles of Tomatin around the house. It’s good quality and well priced.

It was reputed to be the biggest malt whisky distillery in 1987 covering a large area, however since then it has lowered its production levels significantly.

On to the review…

Colour: A very natural, honest looking light gold (no colouring is used here).

Nose: Nutty, slightly woody, rich and unctuous. Summer citrus fruits, melon and peach. Rounded and interesting with autumnal stewed fruits on top.

Palate: Sweet, aged, slightly dunnagey with beautiful malt flavours. Fairly thick oils around your palate bringing those light summer flavours which are soon overtaken by a bag of jelly sweet (candy) fruits. Easy on the palate, wee pinch of spices, but generally very smooth at this medium to older age.

Finish: Fairly long, and nicely warming on your chest with those thick sweet autumnal fruits lingering on your palate for ages.

Thoughts: It’s no secret that I’m a big Tomatin fan, and a dram like this makes it easy to extol its virtues. Presented how geeks like, non chill filtered, allows for all those great flavours to come through. Tomatin may not be such a well known brand, but you should definitely check out the range if you find it… The 12yo is a fine dram and it goes from there! Points? Into the 90’s for me.

Other Info: World Whiskies Awards 2014 – Best Highland Single Malt 13-20yo.

Tip: Tomatin also has a fantastic 30yo which is well priced, but at the time of this review it’s just been discontinued, so grab them while you can!

Available: The Whisky Exchange – £54.15.

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