Review: WaggingFinger Gin

wagging finger bottleWaggingFinger Gin Batch #1 – 44% abv

Info: From over in the Netherlands comes Wagging Finger gin. Check out their site at – They’re just getting started, and it looks like it’ll be a fun project!
Nose: Massively full of flavour… I’m not overly versed in gin, but from memory this is the most flavour filled gin I think I’ve yet to find! It smells fizzy (not that you can smell fizzy?!), packed with sweet citrus, and plenty of herbs. The alcohol has enough bite to it to keep you from inhaling too deeply.
Palate: The nose really draws you in to drink some, and when you do you are rewarded by a sweet, yet spiced, powerful spirit that is beautifully smooth and just as flavourful as the nose was. There’s something about the spices in use that reminds me of Coke, but maybe that’s just me. There’s just a hint of something soapy and fragrant at the end as you swallow.
Finish: You don’t particularly expect the longest of finishes from a gin, but it does leave a nice tingle on your tongue and the spiced spirit takes a while to fade away, leaving a gentle warmth on your chest.
Thoughts: I don’t drink Gin and Tonic, and therefore don’t have any Tonic in the house. It took me many years to realise it’s the Tonic I don’t like, and that Gin is actually good! And this one is very good, it’s definitely perfectly good to drink as a sipping gin, just like I would with a whisky. I have no idea if that’s how you’re supposed to do it, but it works for me. I put a drop of ice in, and that worked really well.
Extra: Many thanks to my friends and fellow bloggers Thomas & Ansgar Speller from WhiskySpeller for the sample! They kindly also sent a little bag of some of the spices with my sample, which was a really nice little touch and really made it come alive for me, thanks guys!
Available: As far as I know this is limited to the Netherlands only.

If you’d like to know more about Wagging Finger, please read Thomas & Ansgar’s blog post for all the extra info I haven’t covered here.

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