Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s Rumbullion! Navy Strength

It doesn’t have to all be about whisky… so for tonight’s review I’d like to introduce:

Professor Cornelius Ampleforth’s Rumbullion! Navy Strength.
By / from Master of Malt…

The official blurb reads as such.. “Rumbullion! Navy Strength is made using a secret recipe with a Caribbean rum at its spicy core. Expect big spicy flavours of cardamom, clove and vanilla in this legendary spiced rum.” For my notes, please read on…

57% ABV, this is a richly dark golden caramel (real caramel) coloured rum.
A huge, sweet, spicy warm nose, spiced rum on steroids!
Thick and sweet on the palate, a bit like a melted down cola cube (remember those sweets?!); it slightly fizzes as if there’s sherbet in it. The high ABV is very very smooth and warming, no water at all is needed, you’ll be too busy giggling thinking you’ve been tucking into a bag of sweets like a naughty kid. Water thins it just a touch, but doesn’t detract things particularly.
The finish is warming with those sweetie notes continuing for a good long while.
I think you’d have to be in the mood for a good sweet drink to really love this, but if you are in that mood you’re gonna seriously love this little beauty!

I can’t really recommend this highly enough… if you’re a whisky lover then this is an excellent alternative for those of us who are used to cask strength quality.

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