Review: Abbey Whisky – Anon. (Batch 1) – 13 year old

anon-batch-1-13-year-old-the-rare-casks-abbey-whisky-webAbbey Whisky – Anon. (Batch 1) – 13yo – 51.5%abv

Info: “Distilled in 2001 at one of Scotland’s finest distilleries, Anon. Batch 1 has been aged for 13 years in total, with the last 6 months of maturation spent in an Oloroso sherry cask. Bottled in 2015 at cask strength.”
Colour: Light to medium summer gold.
Nose: Rich, fruity malt, loads of malt, and… fruit! Mushed down red apples with some sultanas and custard. Hints of older oak, honey and some smoky hints from cask char.
Palate: Really thick oils coat your tongue with honey flavoured oaky malt. It’s very¬†smooth for the higher than normal strength. A pinch of spices that make it interesting, but also not enough that it overloads your tongue. There’s a slight cardboardy thing going on nearer to the end.
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Review: Glendronach 20yo (Abbey Whisky)

GlenDronach-Single-Cask-3400-1994-20-year-old-whisky-380Info: Distilled 1994, bottled 2014. Single Cask #3400, Abbey Whisky exclusive replacing Cask #33. 54.8% abv.

Colour: Rich deep dark copper with reddy tints.

Nose: Deep, rich and gently fruity, with herbal qualities to it. Tonnes of squashed raisins, sultanas and golden syrup.

Palate: Thick and slightly hot at first (due to the strength), but rich and warming. You get used to the strength very quickly and it becomes drinkable at full strength scarily easily…. There’s some spices – but only a pinch; it’s still smooth and well aged, a gentle giant. There’s cask oak, but it’s balanced and in general just adds thickness to the mouthfeel. Lots of raisins and dried fruits as on the nose.

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Mini Review: Abbey Whisky’s Mystery Dram 2


I’ve been lucky enough to try Abbey Whisky’s latest “Mystery Dram”, I know nothing about this, so it was very much a blind tasting… I think the only information to hand was that it was a Speyside whisky, at 46% ABV. The ABV clue leads us to assume this has been bottled as whisky geeks like, non chill-filtered, and more than likely with no colouring (I’d go as far as to say defo no colouring). Anyway, here’s my very quick notes in trying to identify what this is!
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Review: Bunnahabhain 23yo/1989 – The Rare Casks/Abbey Whisky


Bunnahabhain 23yo – The Rare Casks / Abbey Whisky.
44% Medium peated.

Light straw in colour.

Similarly light and delicate on the nose, a little citrusy with some lovely smoke notes because of the peat which sits there patiently waiting… It’s a delicate peat, not full on Islay iodine, but a gentle nose inviting you in. There’s some vanillary butter notes holding up the background. Continue reading