Review: Auchentoshan Virgin Oak II

Auchentoshan_Virgin_Oak_Batch_IIAuchentoshan Virgin Oak Batch 2 – 46% abv

Info: ‘The Auchentoshan Virgin Oak 2 is the second release from this Lowlands distillery that has matured in charred new oak casks. Since 2000 Auchentoshan has matured a limited amount of whisky in such casks of which it releases some every year since 2013. A small batch release that shows that not only maturation in ex-bourbon or ex-sherry casks works with whisky. Time, risk and patience have resulted in a Sienna coloured malt with notes of spicy oranges, maple syrup and a layered complexity.’
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News & Review: Auchentoshan 1988 Wine Cask Finish


Auchentoshan Single Malt Scotch Whisky Launches the Longest Ever Wine Finish in the Industry

auchentoshan-1988WineBottleFor my review please see below, but first, let’s catch up with some of the PR info that relates to this release…

This 25 year old limited release of 1,800 bottles brings together the best of American oak and French oak. It was initially matured for eight years in North American bourbon casks followed by an exceptionally long finish of 17 years in first fill wine barriques from Bordeaux, making it the longest Auchentoshan has ever been finished, and the longest wine finish in the industry.

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Review: “Lemon Zest” Auchentoshan by Wemyss Malts

lemon-zest lowAuchentoshan – ‘Lemon Zest’ 1998/2013 (15yo) – Wemyss Malts – 46%

Wemyss released five new single casks in April ’14, for details head here. However, on to the review of another one of those releases…

Colour: Light straw, good and natural.

Nose: That Auchentoshan farminess (I have no better description!) I often find is here, but not too strongly. It’s malty, light and zesty, and a definite lemony hint.

Palate: A slight upfront spiciness, which then dies off to be more gentle at which point the lemony zesty thing comes through.

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Review: Auchentoshan Virgin Oak

AuchentoshanVOThis brand new, limited edition expression is Auchentoshan’s first ever single malt to be solely matured in virgin North American oak casks. Please see below for my review notes, but first, here’s some PR blurb…

This complex, non-chill filtered dram is Auchentoshan’s first ever single malt to be matured solely in virgin North American oak casks, wood that is previously untouched by any spirit.

Intuition and industry knowledge led the team at Auchentoshan to believe they could challenge the firmly entrenched belief that Scotch whisky must be matured in ex-bourbon or sherry casks. Since the millennium, Auchentoshan has placed small batches of the unique, triple distilled spirit in virgin North American oak whose charred surfaces have held neither bourbon nor sherry.
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