Quick Review: Auld Acquaintance Blended Whisky

Auld Acquaintance Blended Whisky

Info: From Gleann Mór Spirits, 46.1% ABV.
Colour: Lightly ripening barley.
Nose: Barley, hints of smoke, sweeties, red apples, toffee and tobacco.
Palate: Lead by oils and cream, followed by light spices with smoky hints.
Finish: Spiced and lengthy, sweet and easy.
Thoughts: A fairly robust blend where the high percentage (at least 50% we’re told) of malts shines through to give it great flavour.
Available: Various places online including Amazon for around £35, very reasonable.

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Review: Steel Bonnets

steel bonnets whiskySteel Bonnets: Blended Malt Whisky

Info: From The Lakes Distillery comes the first ever blend, so the press release says, of English and Scottish malt whiskies, Steel Bonnets. The blend is a combination of The Lakes Single Malt from England and some of the most respected malts from north of the Border. Awarded a gold medal in Spirits Business’ Luxury Masters Awards. 46.6% abv, non chillfiltered, non coloured.
Colour: Golden with a hint of autumn rust.
Nose: An interesting nose that is vibrant and flavourful. There’s some instant sweetness to the nose, possibly showing distillery character from younger (Lakes?) spirit. There is a dollop of sweetened cream with green and red fruits on the nose with smokey hints as a backdrop.
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Review: Angels’ Nectar – Rich Peat Edition

Angels' Nectar Blended Malt - Rich Peat EditionAngels’ Nectar – Blended Malt Scotch Whisky – Rich Peat Edition – 46% abv

Info: Blend of Highland malts, heavy on the peat.
Colour: Light straw, nice and clear.
Nose: Instant mossy peat loveliness, slightly creamy and sweet.
Palate: A fairly thick palate, gently introduced to your tongue but soon followed up by those mossy peaty notes and then behind them a caramelly toffee richness.
Finish: A fairly gentle transition from mouth to chest, a little warming. It fades reasonably quickly, but the mossy sweet peat notes last much longer, a hint of TCP showing up at the end.
Thoughts: A very capable and enjoyable peaty blended malt whisky to enjoy on a cold evening.
Available: Master of Malt – £42.08.

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Review: Label 5 Gold Heritage

label5-800Label 5 Gold Heritage – 40% abv

Info: At the end of 2014 Label 5 (owned by La Martiniquaise who also own Glen Moray – the blend’s main component) released “Gold Heritage” to expand their range. It’s a blend containing a mix of whiskies including single malts up to 20 years old, the result being an exceptionally smooth whisky loaded with fruit, spice, warm vanilla oak and subtle smoke.
Colour: Spring sun gold.
Nose: Some grain top notes leading into a sweet fruity malt base. Touches of oak and sherry sweetness. There’s some quality malt backing this blend up for sure.
Palate: Instant honey sweetness with touches of oaky wood giving it depth to join the brown sugars and malt.
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