Review: Glen Garioch 21yo (Abbey Whisky)

glen garioch 21 year old release 6Glen Garioch 21yo (Abbey Whisky) – 55% abv

Info: Distilled in 1994, this is the 6th release from Abbey Whisky’s Rare Casks series of Glen Garioch. Matured in a refill hogshead, no colour, or chill filtration. 126 bottles.
Colour: Clear and bright summer straw.
Nose: Buttery malt grain hits your nose along with white pepper, some spirit, and tropical fruits.
Palate: Oily and buttery at first quickly followed by the white pepper notes making your tongue dance while you check out the restrained tropical fruit notes. A hint of smoke is there in the background.
Finish: Long and warming, with those hints of smoke turning into more definite light puffs of smoke.
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Review: Glen Garioch 21 Year Old (LotG)

LotGBottleGlen Garioch 21 Year Old (LotG) – 56.4% abv

Info: Distilled 1993 and aged in a bourbon cask for 21 years. Cask #798 yielded 250 bottles at natural cask strength. Bottled by Lady of the Glen.
Colour: Straw yellow, very natural looking.
Nose: Strong, creamy and full of sunny citrus tropical. After a moment a gentle smokiness comes out along with dry dunnage warehouse notes.
Palate: Thick and powerful on the palate with plenty of spice, ripe tropical fruits, old malt and some butteriness.
Finish: Spicey and fresher than expected, quite long in length. Old malt sweetness sticks around.
Water: Old drams should not be drowned with water, however this dram is so powerful it can take a reasonable glug, which really helps open it up and smooth it out, bringing out a bit more creaminess and reducing the spices a little. It becomes easier and more enjoyable.
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Review: Glen Garioch Virgin Oak

GariochVirginOakBottleGlen Garioch – Virgin Oak – 48% abv

I’ve previously reviewed quite a few of the Glen Garioch range, but it looks like their Virgin Oak has escaped me publishing my notes. I’m one of what Glen Garioch likes to call their Drambassadors… at least, while Morrison Bowmore Distillers (Glen Garioch’s parent company) was more autonomous I was one, but now they’re part of the mass conglomerate of Beam Suntory I have no idea if I am still one or not! Annnnnyways, on to my notes…

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Multi Review: Five Glen Garioch Whiskies

GariochLogoYou might remember earlier in the year I was lucky enough to be invited up to visit Glen Garioch… It was a fantastic trip and really helped shine a light onto what is an excellent big bold drop of drammage. To read about the trip go here.

It’s about time I now reviewed some of their official range, so I’m going to take a look at their entry level dram, Founders Reserve, their 12y0, their new release – Renaissance (Chapter 1) 15yo and two of their vintage releases, the 1998 Wine Cask, and their 1995.

So without further ado let’s take get reviewing…

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Blog: My drambassador’s trip to Glen Garioch

GariochLogoMy drambassador’s trip to Glen Garioch

Now, where do I start? I’m no article writer and my brain isn’t what it once was… So I reckon we’ll just walk through my packed couple of days and randomly jump from one bit to another, how does that sound? Good, I’m glad you agree. You’ll probably get bored reading mind you, but give it a go eh?

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Buzz & Winning Review: Glen Garioch’s new (as yet nameless) expression

GariochLogoGlen Garioch’s new (as yet nameless) expression
(and the clues to what it might be…)

Update: I’m really pleased to announce that my post has been chosen as a winning review of this dram, and as such I get to go and visit the distillery, excellent stuff, lucky me!

Let’s start by saying I’m a Glen Garioch Drambassador! What’s that? It was a facebook competition run by them to chose various fans / bloggers to receive their new mystery dram and a set of clues, and to be the first people to try it and write about it… and that’s what leads us here! I am one of those chosen few… and sure enough in the post I soon received the following lovely box of goodies…

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Review: Four Glen Gariochs Reviewed (1986, 1995, 12yo, New Expression) – Generations Twitter Tasting


Generations – A Father’s Day Twitter Tasting

I was lucky enouogh to be invited to take part in a Glen Garioch Twitter Tasting, where we were able to taste the following four expressions:

A New Rare Find (an as yet unreleased new expression)

All hosted by the lovely Rachel Barrie (AKA TheLadyBlender), Morrison Bowmore’s Master Blender, some of her comments below represented with the tag RB.

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