Review: Glenmorangie Milsean

Glenmorangie Milsean Bottle ShotGlenmorangie Private Edition VII Milsean – 46% abv

Info: Matured in ex-bourbon casks and then extra-matured in former wine casks, re-toasted for the purpose.
Colour: Bright golden with slight caramelly orange tints.
Nose: With some attention you can find the Morangie notes there, but at first it seems a bit of a different beast. It benefits from a few moments in the air to open up. There’s sweet nutty notes, candy floss, barley and spices (sweet spices, cinnamon, etc). Pleasant stuff.
Palate: Fairly thick and really quite easy, I was expecting it to be introduced more sharply. However, with a bit of time the spices build a little, but it stays thick and fairly sweet… we’re talking a balanced sweetness, not too much. Barley notes not so evident at this point.
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Review: Glenmorangie ‘A Midwinter Night’s Dram’

Glenmorangie_MidwinterNight'sDramGlenmorangie’s special edition ‘A Midwinter Night’s Dram’ – 43% abv

Info: A combination of whisky matured in Bourbon casks made from American white oak with liquid aged in Oloroso Sherry casks. Released as a wintery special edition exclusively to the UK.
Colour: Golden with rusty red tints.
Nose: Plenty of young vanilla and a spicy new oak hint giving way to some distillery character. It’s light and heady, slightly heathery, and a handful of hazelnuts. It’s nice, packed with flavours.
Palate: Medium if not fairly thick with oils, even if it is chill filtered. It’s very easy, spices only slightly building when held on the tongue. The lighter floral nature persists, as does the oakiness. Ultimately there’s not tonnes of layers to this, but this is an entry level malt after all.
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Press Launch & Review: Glenmorangie Tusail


Glenmorangie Tùsail

Recently Glenmorangie launched Tùsail, the 6th release in their yearly Private Edition series of malts… most of which form some part of experimentation by Glenmo’s main man, Dr Bill Lumsden. (See below for my review tasting notes.)

GlenmoTuasilThis years experiment \ release is comprised of Maris Otter barley, floor-malted by hand, and non chill-filtered.

A rich winter variety of barley first introduced in 1965, Maris Otter was bred specifically to meet the demand for a high quality brewing malt and recognized for its ability to impart rich, rustic malty flavours. The variety at the time was much loved by brewers and created great ale’s, however the variety started to fall out of love and started being replaced with newer varieties that had greater alcohol yields until it was revived by a dedicated company and is now revered as one of the best malts for brewing once again.

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Multi Review: Glenmorangie Core Range


Glenmoranie has quite a lot of expressions of varying ages and rarities, and I’ve not really reviewed any of them here before now. I don’t know why not, I’ve enjoyed a good Glenmo for many a year now. So let’s take a little look at four expressions that I think it’s safe to call part of Glenmo’s core range, the 10yo The Original, 12yo The Lasanta, 12yo The Quinta Ruban and 12yo The Nectar D’or. All easily available, affordable whiskies.

So without further ado let’s kick off…

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Review: Glenmorangie Companta

Companta BottleGlenmorangie Companta – 46% ABV, OB, NCF

Marketing Blurb: Glenmorangie has launched it’s fifth annual special edition, Companta (which stands for friendship in Scots Gaelic). Companta has been matured in Grand Cru casks from Clos de Tart and those of a sweet fortified wine from Côtes du Rhône.

Bottled at 46% ABV, and non-chill filtered, for extra body and texture, Glenmorangie Companta is available from specialist retailers and department stores now at £69.99 and is selling out very quickly.

Let’s crack on and take a look!
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Glenmorangie Cask Masters samples up for grabs (by 19th July)!

GLE2265_POS_4_sheet_25%_AW.inddSo, have you heard of Glenmorangie’s Cask Masters experiment?
If not… go have a look here!
Basically there’s three different types of cask that they want to bottle, and it’s up to us the dramming public to vote on which they’ll bottle!

This has been well supported in various large cities by tastings of the three casks to help people decide, but those of us who live in the sticks have to basically watch video’s to help us decide which dram we want to vote for.

But wait up… Glenmorangie have been kind enough to provide me with some samples, and there’s enough to go around! – Not much mind you… I have enough for 5 samples (that’s 5 x 3 of each cask).
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