Review: The Glenturret Peated Drummond Edition

Peated Drummond EditionThe Glenturret Peated Drummond Edition – 58.9%abv

Info: Distillery exclusive. This is cask 100, a refill hogshead cask filled on the 25th of March 2009, i.e. an 8yo peated Glenturret.
Colour: Light golden straw.
Nose: Sweet mellow peat amongst sweet distillery character. Light green fruits, green apples, gooseberries, and some gristy malt.
Palate: Surprisingly easy for such a strong dram. It’s fairly oily, nicely peated and tasty with the lighter green fruit tones coming through and malted digestive biscuits with almonds on them.
Finish: Almost fizzy, it’s long, slightly spiced and reasonably warming. Malty tones prevail to the end alongside a wee crack of white pepper.
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Review: The Glenturret 16 Year Old Fly’s 16 Masters Edition

glenturret 16yo fly bottleThe Glenturret 16 Year Old Fly’s 16 Masters Edition

Info: Bottle has a picture on it taken in 1905 of 16 stillmen and a dog called Fly. It’s 16 years old, and bottled at 44% abv.
Colour: Light to medium gold.
Nose: Sweet malt, brown sugar, over ripe fruits, nuts and slight smells that remind me of farmyards – which disappear with time.
Palate: The whisky is gentle on your palate, fairly velvety with oils, yet it follows up with pinches of spice to make it interesting. It’s got an older brown sugar sweetness to it which balances the malt and ripe fruits, maybe grilled caramelized pineapple with various other citrus hints.
Finish: The finish has a little gentle warmth on your chest, along with a honey sweetness and hints of oak tannin. It goes on for quite a while.
Thoughts: I like Glenturret, I make no secret of that. However, although I am really enjoying this, it seems maybe a little overpriced compared to the market.
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Multi Review: The Glenturret distillery’s 3 new releases


The Glenturret’s Three New Releases:
Triple Wood, Sherry, and Peated

Glenturret Core RangeThe Glenturret Distillery – often known as The Famous Grouse Experience – produces, as the latter name suggests, one of the components used in The Famous Grouse blended scotch whisky.

The distillery itself is a nice little place to visit with a great cafe. Their malts weren’t that widely known, being often kept for the blend or bottled in small amounts – for example I’m quite fond of their 10yo which you can find when you look.

That said, most of the good stuff was/is bottled by independent bottlers. However, now Glenturret has launched their own branded single malts, and it’s about time too!

So without further ado, let’s check out my thoughts on the 3 they’ve recently released into their core range:

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Review: Glenturret 1986 Single Cask (vs. Commonwealth Games Edition)

TheGlenturretSingleCaskGlenturret 1986 Exclusive Single Cask Edition – 47.1% abv

Info: Dubbed ‘The Brock Malloy Edition’, this is a single cask (number 328) which produced 240 bottles and was distilled in 1986, making it 28 years old. More info on SWB here.
Colour: A full late summer gold with hints of orange.
Nose: Beautiful and old. There’s a fruit salad of ripe tropical fruits all presented in an old oak bowl. The oak notes are subtle but add a nice elegant base note throughout. There’s a milk chocolate note that kicks in after a few minutes, along with toffee, making me think of Cadburys Eclairs. There’s also notes of soft sweet red apples. It’s a balanced and graceful nose.
Palate: Thick and fairly luscious. It’s smooth and easily introduced, however there’s enough abv and pinches of spice to let you know it’s a dram that means business and isn’t just going to be underwhelming. Continue reading

News & PR: Glenturret Distillery releases online exclusive single cask bottling


Exciting opportunity to purchase a bottle from the best cask of 1986

TheGlenturretSingleCaskGlenturret Distillery has released a rare 28 year old single cask malt whisky, described as the best cask that has ever been released by Scotland’s oldest working distillery. Approximately 240 bottles of The Brock Malloy Edition #Cask 328 (70cl, bottled at cask-strength) will be available to buy online.

The History behind the Cask:

On the 16th December 1986, two local stillmen, Hugh Malloy and Chic Brock delicately filled Cask 328 and skilfully warehoused the precious container to mature in the silence of the stunning hills of Perthshire, where it has remained for the past 28 years. Although stillmen came and went, the cask required no repair work in its 28 years and when Neil Cameron, the current Distillery Manager, tasted its contents he described it as the best cask laid down from that year. This attention and care from skilled hands resulted in notes of walnuts with oranges and a hint of jasmine to the nose, with spicy ginger and honeycomb to the palate.
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Review: Famous Grouse Commonwealth Games 2014 (Glenturret)

tfg_glasgow_2014_2Famous Grouse Commonwealth Games 2014 – Glenturret 28yo – 46.4% ABV

Info: A special bottling of 1986 Glenturret released for Glasgow’s hosting of the 2014 Commonwealth Games; the casks were filled when the Commonwealth Games were last in Scotland. Aged for 28 years before being bottled just before the event. 1800 bottles.
Colour: Light, bright golden.
Nose: A robust fruity nose, plenty of overripe bananas, fresh mangos and passion fruits. There’s gentle citrus notes and oak.
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