Review: Ledaig – Dùsgadh – 42 Year Old

Ledaig 42YO bottle onlyLedaig ‘Dùsgadh’ – 42 Year Old – 46.3%abv

Info: This contains some of the first spirit to be made at the distillery when it reopened in 1972. The old stills have since been decommissioned and used as part of the packaging. The replacement stills have now produced new spirit and in buying a bottle of this 24yo gets you a free bottle of 10yo in 2024 made from the spirit from those new stills. For the full PR info go here.
Colour: Deep and rich coppery gold. Old rusty tints.
Nose: Old and relaxed; a really smooth nasal delivery with a surprising amount of fresh papaya and tropical fruit notes coming through. There’s gentle smokey puffs and a leatheryness you get from old leather covered oak chairs. Some slight coffee notes followed by mushy plums, beeswax & honey.
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Quick Review: Ledaig 1997 – G&M

ldgg!m1997Ledaig 1997 – G&M – 56.8% abv

Info: Sherry Cask #465 TWE Exclusive. 16 years old.
Colour: Fully golden, hints of orange.
Nose: Big powerful sherry peat smoke, gentle moss.
Palate: Thick, oily and easy for the strength. Oaks, light moss, peaty puffs and sherry flavours all combine well.
Finish: Relaxed and long with a farm note, muddy, mushey fruit malt smoked goodness!
Thoughts: Really tasty and luxurious, excellent stuff.

Thanks to my friend Dave (whiskyrepublic) for the sample.

Quick Review: Ledaig 8yo – Dramboree

ldgtwe08yoLedaig 8yo – Dramboree – 58.8% abv

Info: 2014’s Dramboree release from Tobermory.
Colour: Light sunny gold.
Nose: Rich and pungent mossy peat smoke, medium oak and sherry fruits with washy malted barley.
Palate: Strong and a little hot but rich and enjoyable peaty goodness. Bacon. Slightly fizzy and peppery.
Finish: Pepper, mossy peat and malt lasting out.
Thoughts: Powerful, full on and great fun. Excellent!

Thanks to my friend Dave (whiskyrepublic) for the sample.

News & PR: Burn Stewart unveils two new bottlings for Deanston and Ledaig

BurnsStewartLogoBurn Stewart unveils two new bottlings
for Deanston and Ledaig

Ledaig 18yrs_large (2)Burn Stewart Distillers has today announced the introduction of two new expressions – Deanston 18 Year Old and Ledaig 18 Year Old – both permanent additions to the range for each of the brands.

Both additions have been crafted by Master Blender, Ian MacMillan, using traditional methods. Like all of the malts in the Burn Stewart portfolio, Deanston 18 YO and Ledaig 18YO are unchill-filtered, ensuring that more of the whisky’s natural aroma, flavour and texture remain in the bottle, delivering a deeper taste.

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News & PR: Ledaig releases 1972 vintage malt to the market


Ledaig releases 1972 vintage malt to the market

Ledaig 42YO bottle onlyBurn Stewart Distillers has released a rare, one off malt to key international markets – Ledaig 42YO, a robust, smoky malt whisky with a rich and distinct history.

Named Dùsgadh, meaning ‘awakening’ in Scot’s Gaelic, reflecting the long, dormant period of maturation, this is the rarest and oldest Ledaig ever released and the next 40YO Ledaig single malt won’t be available until 2036.

The story of handcrafted Ledaig 42YO begins on the Isle of Mull at the Tobermory Distillery, the only distillery on the mystic island and amongst the oldest commercial distilleries in Scotland. The malt’s old world charm reflects the brand’s spirit to do things the traditional way, by hand.
In a rare feat of master blending, this Single Malt Scotch Whisky has retained all of its deep, peaty intensity, which is almost unheard of for an expression of this age. Throughout its four decade history, the Scottish landscapes and climates to which Ledaig 42YO has been exposed, have strengthened the malt’s distinctly rich and smoky flavour.

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Review: Ledaig – 1993 – Connoisseurs Choice

GM_Connoisseurs_Choice_Ledaig_1993_43_70cl_WebLet’s start off by saying… yes, I know some of the reviews on the blog here are of whiskies that are totally unaffordable for most people, myself included (I just get samples to try). So here’s a review of a whisky that’s affordable, and good! Shocker eh.

Ledaig – 1993 (17yo) – Connoisseurs Choice – 43%

Refill sherry, giving a light golden colour.

Nose is fairly light, maybe a little closed, but there’s sweet light peat smoke notes with winter fruits and malt, a nice gentle start to what is often quite a beefy smoke monster. There’s a nicely sherried background that seems well integrated to the soft peat.
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