Review: The Naked Grouse

The Naked Grouse – 40%

the_famous_grouse_naked__76812_origWhat can I say… I rather like the packaging, even if it’s obviously intended to lure single malt fans towards the brand (if it works then good on them I say). The tagline for the whisky is “for the sophisticated whisky drinker that savours a dram”. The rest of the PR reads as follows with my notes and thoughts after…

The Naked Grouse is a unique and expertly crafted, small batch blended Scotch whisky containing hand-blended world-renowned malts that combine to produce a sweet, rich and smooth taste. The exceptional blend was inspired by William Gloag of The Famous Grouse family and his pioneering discovery of sherry cask maturation. This innovative process, along with an enduring legacy of expertise, creates a stunning example of the blender’s art and results in a sophisticated dram with notes of cherry compote, spicy cinnamon and dark chocolate.

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