Review: Paul John Bold

BoldPaul John’s “Bold” Whisky – 46%abv

Info: Peated single malt whisky from Goa, India. Non chill filtered, no colouring. Matured in American oak for 4 to 5 years, with the peat coming from Islay and being imported to India specially.
Colour: Golden, hints of ripe barley.
Nose: Peaty, an Islay style peat but with a background of heat, sundried heat. There’s certainly a slight sweet floralness about it, sometimes I’d associate that with an Orkey type tone. Some other tasting notes from Twitter have suggested condensed milk type sweetness.
Palate: There’s a gentle Islay style peat that is at the forefront but doesn’t dominate at all, behind that is a host of great flavours, subtly sweet barley and a dryness as if you were sitting in a dessert. It’s medium in thickness, remaining reasonably light and zippy. Hints of cracked black pepper & clove.
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Review: Four Paul John Indian Single Malt Whiskies


When you talk Indian whisky the first distillery that is often mentioned is¬†Amrut. However, another excellent distillery that shouldn’t be ignored is the fabulous Paul John distillery in Goa, the one I’m taking a look at today.

Not a whisky I’ve had the opportunity to taste before, so I was pleased to be able to take part in a twitter tasting to check out four expressions from their core range.

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