News & Review: Maverick Drinks’ Reference Series additions


The World’s First Educational Range of Whisky Just Got Bigger

So, last month saw Maverick Drinks update their Reference Series with 9 of the latest additions. There’s a quick review of four of those releases below, but first let’s look at the official PR blurb…

Maverick Drinks is proud to announce the release of 9 additions to the world’s first educational whisky range, Reference Series. The range of blended malt whiskies was first launched earlier this year, and showcases the effects of various production techniques and ingredients used to make Scotch.
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News & Review: Reference Series ‘The First Educational Whisky’


Reference Series – The First Educational Whisky

There’s a new funky experiment in town. I say new, it’s been out for a wee while, but I’m catching up, and for those that missed the initial announcement then this is a good follow up! It’s from those crazy people at… what… I have no idea which brand to pick… Master Of Malt / Drinks by the Dram / Blended Whisky Company / Maverick Drinks / That Boutique-y Whisky Company / Reference Series. More brands than you can shake a fist at… however you know who I mean I’m sure, basically that Ben chap.

Here’s the PR text which explains probably better than I can… Once you’ve read it, please find my tasting notes of the initial three releases at the bottom! 🙂
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