Review: Six recent Wemyss Malts releases reviewed


February and March saw two sets of single cask releases from Wemyss Malts, a bumper crop which includes two bottlings at cask strength.

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February Release…
“Kirsch Gateau” 1988 single cask from Bunnahabhain Distilery, Islay, Cask Strength
“Cacao Geyser” 1998 single cask from Bowmore Distillery, Islay
“Snuffed Candle” 1999 singe cask from Aberfeldy Distillery, Highlands
“Dark Treacle Fondant” 2002 single cask from Craigellachie Distillery, Speyside
“Honeysuckle Bower” 1995 single cask from Linkwood Distillery, Speyside
“Caribbean Crème” 1988 single cask from Invergordon Distillery, grain

March Release…
“The Rockpool” 1995 single cask from Bowmore Distilery, Islay, Cask Strength
“Foraged Fruit Fool” 1991 single cask from Blair Athol Distillery, Highlands
“Toffee Tuile” 1999 singe cask from Aberfeldy Distillery, Highlands
“Kumquat Cluster” 1993 single cask from Glenrothes Distillery, Speyside
“Stem Ginger Preserve” 1995 single cask from Mortlach Distillery, Speyside
“Rhubarb Royale” 2001 single cask from Benrinnes Distillery, Speyside


I’ve been lucky enough to able to review six of the recent releases, so without further ado, let’s take a look at my thoughts…

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News & Review: Velvet Fig by Wemyss Malts

VelvetFigBottleFirst off, here’s the news! Then below is my review…

Wemyss Malts is launching a new no-age statement, limited edition whisky called ‘Velvet Fig’ which comprises specially selected single mlats matured wholly in ex Oloroso sherry casks, evoking rich autumn and winter fruits and spices.

This is Wemyss’ first blended malt to be non-chill-filtered and bottled at 46% abv. It’s a limited release of 6000 bottles globally, available for around £40.

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News & Review: 3 Wemyss Malts Sept releases (’97 Clynelish, ’89 Glen Garioch, ’82 Caol Ila)


It’s that time of the year that Wemyss release their latest batch of whiskies, always good!

Find below the details of the various single cask bottlings release… and read on for a review of three of them… “Cayenne Cocoa Bean” – 1997 single cask from Clynelish, Highlands, “Peaches and Cream” – 1989 single cask from Glen Garioch, Highlands and “Smoke on the Water” – 1982 single cask from Caol Ila, Islay.

Wemyss Single Casks Cropped Group Sept 14 low

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Review: 3 x Wemyss Malts recent releases (’82 Bowmore, ’91 Bunnahabhain, ’88 Invergordon)

(For my reviews, please read on…)

For those of you that follow Wemyss Malts you’ll know that they release various bottlings a few times a year, and the most recent summer releases include some real beauties including a single grain single cask whisky for the first time and the most valuable whisky Wemyss has ever released – a 31 year old single cask from Bowmore distillery.

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Review: Wemyss Malts – Seaweed on the Rocks (Bunnahabhain) – 1991

seaweed-on-the-rockslowresContinuing my look at Wemyss Malts pre-Christmas releases, today I’m reviewing…

Seaweed on the Rocks (Bunnahabhain) – 1991/22yo – 46%

Colour: Yellow to gold.
Nose: Chinese? It’s sweet, and sour! Costal with just a hint of smoke.
Palate: Spices build fairly fast on the palate backed up by damp leather and oak.
Finish: Very subtle but long with the return of slight costal notes and polished oak.
Thoughts: I love a drop of Bunna, and this one doesn’t disappoint me at all! 86.
Available: Sorry, you’ll have to Google this for yourself!

Review: Wemyss Malts – Sweet Mint Infusion (Aultmore) – 1991

sweet-mint-infusionlowresContinuing my look at Wemyss Malts pre-Christmas releases, today I’m reviewing…

Sweet Mint Infusion (Aultmore) – 1991/22yo – 46%

Colour: Pale Straw.
Nose: A nose with some age on it, rather beautiful and keeps you nosing for ages. Sweet and oaky.
Palate: Treats you gently with some spices building after a while when left on the tongue. Full mouthfeel. The pinch of sweet spice and some oak combine to become almost fizzy. Yum. Classic bourbon summer fruits.
Finish: The summer berry fruits come through more on the finish, sweet, malty, and relaxing.
Thoughts: The age has worked well here, it’s a pleasure to drink and is nicely balanced. The official note mentions peppermint, I don’t particularly get that. 86.
Available: Master Of Malt for £98.89

Review: Wemyss Malts – Eastern Promise (Glen Elgin) – 1995

eastern-promiselowresContinuing my look at Wemyss Malts pre-Christmas releases, today I’m reviewing…

Eastern Promise (Glen Elgin) – 1995/18yo – 46%

Colour: Light Straw Yellow
Nose: Delicate, light malt and faint hints of smoke.
Palate: Sweet, smooth, oily and rich, intermingled with some damp wood, vanilla toffee and gentle spices.
Finish: Strong, long, malty and spiced.
Thoughts: An interesting dram with a touch of class and intrigue. 85.
Available: Drambusters for £66.

Review: Wemyss Malts – Citrus Burst (Linkwood) – 1997

citrus-burstlowresWemyss has named and bottled 12 single casks for their pre-Christmas releases, and today we take a quick look at…

Citrus Burst (Linkwood) – 1997/16yo – 46%

Colour: Delicate straw.
Nose: Gentle giant, delicate yet strong. Beefy and malty in one go. Late summer evening in a field.
Palate: Instantly spicy on your palate although draws back before it’s too much. Fairly oily. Some citrus.
Finish: Quite a long warming finish packed full of flavour with gentle, sweet oak notes at the end.
Thoughts: What a great Speyside dram, just what you’d hope, although maybe too spicy to actually call it smooth. 84.
Available: The Whisky Barrel for £69.12.